Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Rezzy

It is exciting to embark upon a new year. ..In a relatively new home (we moved into our cute lil duplex just October) with a new dog (Hot Sauce) and a new set of goals. First and foremost, credit must be given its due: Aunt Glenda emailed me a link to the McGough blog and i have been following their story with interest since the summer. Through Scott and Sherry's adventure blog I have popped around to other family member blogs and finally, my only brother himself just texted me his new blog addy:
so it is all because of you guys that i'm a try to keep up with this and to keep it regular. At first my idear had been for another friends/networking page. But I really want to just chum up my family, scattered as we are across el continento, so be prepared for cornyness unheralded. Corn Chips Nail Tips is from an old Saturday Night Live bit which had one of those fake commercials for, you guessed it, nail tips made from corn chips. I have often sang the little jingle at times of great boredom and/or silliness. Maybe i will craft this into a funny kind of blog - but I cannot make any promises. I really would love just to chat sometime. And I would like some page-deco tips, too. How does one go about customizations such as yours?

Um, and so that is my resolution: to keep up with this blog and not be shy about it. Hello! R to the P is in the house.


Shannon said...

YAY Rachel! Craig says this is going to be the year of the blog- and this could be true for extended McGough clan! What a great way to keep in touch. As for interior blog decorating, I found this site - and it has some cool stuff - besides it's free - I am all about the free. Good to "see" you and the fam!

Kim said...

Hey, Rach! Sooooo incredible to see you and the fam online! I'm thrilled to see Mimi, your Mom, Jason and his girlfriend! (see looks like your Mom)Ava look great as well! Fun, Fun. Come see more of your family at KimNOW (my blog)
Blessings to you! Love, Kim

Mom said...

Rachel, Hey girl...can I say RAD. You are so good at this!

It will be good to "talk" to you more often.

Rock on,

Aunt Pat

Joe and I are on Facebook, come on in!

RachaelPollard said...

OCHO-Ur so fun to read; like a good story that you don't want to be over, or waking to the fact that it's ur day off and u can go back to sleep if u want to! YEAH!!! Just sweet easy honest joys and a keen brightness carry Ms.CornchipsNailTips and the rest of us to ultimately better and kinder places (in our selves). Graci, UR Momma E