Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar doesn't know what's good

So we watched the Oscars tonight, our fingers crossed for Benjamin Button. What happened? I thought the movie was amazing. And Miss Maddie Beaty couldn't have picked a better movie to debut her talent.

Nate and I finally got the chance to see the movie on Valentine's day. I know we said we'd try to catch the Christmas showing, but it didn't happen. You know how it goes. Anyway, I'm glad we saw it on V-Day because the theater was packed and the popcorn was flowing. When Maddie bust onto the screen we couldn't help but be so proud. She absolutely glowed.

I think I liked the scene on the tugboat was the best. Was it a real tugboat? The water swirled all around.... it just looked like a painting. It must have been so much fun.

And when Maddie's scenes were done, and you get the first meeting with grown-up Daisy, well I think Cate Blanchett was just as luminous as Maddie. I wonder if they got together to practice each other's mannerisms?

And when the movie was over, and the tears had to be dealt with - i love to cry at the movies, and Benjamin Button is a good one for that - we stayed to see Maddie's name on the big screen. And maybe we cheered, just a little bit. Nothing too flashy. But it was enough to start up a conversation with the couple next to us. "Did you know someone who worked on the film?" the couple asked us. "Yes! My cousin's daughter was the young Daisy. the 'ten-year old'" "Ah, well, my boyfriend's ex-roommate was assistant something something* editor!" "Oh, really?" we asked politely. "Yeah, my old college, roomie, imagine that?" the fella said. "Wonderful" we agreed. And we gathered our coats, and the woman called out, "Beautiful girl." And she is. I think she did a fantastic job. Nate and I think that even if we didn't know, we would have noticed her. It is silly to try to pretend you don't know someone, but we do anyway. Like, when i hear my favorite local band, and i try to listen to them as if it is the first time, and i don't have their CD at home and their lyrics memorized... is it just as good? yes, it is.

Anyway, it was a surprise that the film did not win best picture. It was a lovely story, wasn't it? And so as we watched the Oscars, we looked for the Beatys. I hope Kelly posts a blog about it soon. Her blog about the film debut was hilarious and fascinating.

And no I do not regret gushing. It is important to honor these happy times. Its just too bad the Oscars didn't fall in love with Benjamin Button. You know what it is? Brad Pitt is too handsome for his own good. In any case. I enjoyed the movie. It was epic. It was the perfect tear-jerker. I didn't look over at Nate to see if he was misting up. That wouldn't be polite. Guy like him only cries... um, never.

over and out,
rachael p

*I didn't catch what kind of editing the boyfriend's ex-college roommate did: too busy blowing my nose